Come wander & explore the Path



And Nature, the old nurse, took
The child upon her knee,
Saying: "Here is a story-book
Thy Father has written for thee." 

"Come, wander with me," she said,
"Into regions yet untrod;
And read what is still unread
In the manuscripts of God." 

And he wandered away and away
With Nature, the dear old nurse,
Who sang to him night and day
The rhymes of the universe.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (full text)

Artwork Jonathon Earl Bowser




~~ Theosophia ~~ 
the Universal Wisdom   

There are uncountable thousands of religions, denominations and sects and hundreds of thousands of books on various aspects of spirituality, each of them promoting their own perspective from the standpoint of whatever authority was their source.  Every single one of them, no matter how ardently researched or how divinely inspired, is carried upon the very imperfect vehicle of human words and symbols.  This site may reference any number of them as having interesting ideas and illustrating useful principles from time to time.  But we do not promote any particular philosopher, teacher, guru, religion, sect, society, group, or cult as being the one-and-only or even the best source of wisdom or enlightenment.

What we do intend is to promote the concept that there is a Universal Truth which is inherent within the fabric of the Universe and within the inner nature of the Spirit of mankind that is reflected in the depths of the great religions of the world.  The One Truth is the mother of all sincere quests for and expressions of truth in the world.  Each attempt at expressing truth through the various religions and philosophies manifests with greater or lesser clarity and/or greater or lesser relevance to any given individual or segment of humanity.  But there is a common set of principles which may be seen at the core of each of the major religions of the world if one looks deeply enough into the meanings of their teachings. 

This is so because within Nature there is one set of Natural Law which is the foundation of and which governs the activities of the infinite Universe of which we are all a part and of which we are all observers.  Mankind, as diverse as we are, has a common heritage.  We all share the same natural world as our environment and home.  And ultimately we are all of the same Spiritual Essence.

So here we will explore the Natural Order of things and investigate the inner nature of mankind.  As we do we will consider selected teachings from various religions and philosophies which contain some of the clearest and most familiar statements of the Universal Wisdom.  And, regarding those teachings, it would be good to be prepared to dig perhaps a bit deeper into their meaning than is usually done by preachers and teachers in an all too shallow popular culture, and we will search out those fundamental principles which provide the most practical and universal application to the evolution of the Human Spirit.