Contemplations on the Eternal, Divine Wisdom at the Heart of All



The way that can be shown is not the Eternal, Changeless Way;
The name that can be named is not the Eternal, Changeless Name;
Without a name, It is the Foundation of Eternity;
Named, it is the Mother of All Things.



Only without desire may the Mystery be known;
But only with desire is the manifestation seen;
Together, these arise from the same source but they differ in expression;
To find their unity is the secret;
Mystery of mysteries, it is the key to all Wonders.

Lao Tzu,
Tao Te Ching  ch 1



There is a Way to the Heart of the Universe.  
Its route is inward and upward into the realm of the Spirit 
which the soul may climb as a mountain pathway to the Mystic Heights.

It is a path of Love and of Courage 
by which the soul may come to know 
and to express ever more fully its potential as a reflection of 
That which is the Source of All.

There is a Wisdom that is older than time itself 
because it is the Foundation of Existence, 
the Eternal Logos, the Great Order from which all else in the universe springs forth. 
The ancient Greeks called it theosophia, the Wisdom of the Gods.

*   *   *   *   *   *   * 

The fullness of the True Path can never be told or taught and the richness of the True Wisdom can never be expressed in words or symbols nor even completely known within the the physical brain of mankind because it is the ultimate abstraction upon which all else, including even Logic herself, is founded.  The best mankind can do with our limited physical bodies and minds is to rummage around at the outer edges of it and extract and deduce what we can from the physical universe.

But there is another sense within Mankind which can, in the absolute stillness of a quiet mind and heart, stretch our awareness inwards and upwards and touch that Great Spirit of which our own soul is a reflection and listen to the eternal and changeless Voice of the Silence.





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Enter the Pathway


Artwork Jonathon Earl Bowser

Our Threefold Purpose:
  • To inquire into and to explore Truths inherent within the nature of the Universe, written in the Hearts of Mankind, and expressed within the scriptures of the religions and philosophies and studied by the sciences of the world.

  • To encourage the development of the full potential of the Human Spirit through the understanding of that Spirit as a reflection of Divinity.

  • To promote the Universal Brotherhood of all Mankind both in concept and in practice.
Our first fundamental purpose is to inquire and explore. It is fundamental to our purpose that, although we do promote a certain attitude towards the exploration and towards Life in general, we do not attempt to merely provide all the answers. Regardless of all the claims by various religions, leaders, teachers and gurus, that really can only be done by each individual mind. 

We promote the attitude that mankind is a reflection of what may be described as Divinity, that each individual one of mankind has the power and authority to not only guide his or her own Spiritual evolution, but to encourage a Spiritual evolution within his or her fellows among mankind, and to encourage putting these ideas into practical application in daily life.

And who knows if people can be convinced into believing that they can add purpose to Life and gain a fulfillment out of it that they had not previously realized, then perhaps they can actually do it!


About . . .

Down through the ages, there have been many groups, teachers and texts that have used the ancient Greek word, theosophia, which means Divine Wisdom or the "wisdom of the gods." may refer to teachings that spiritual students may find familiar from various studies, but it is not associated with and does not endorse carte blanche the teachings of any particular teacher or group.

Every teaching, no matter how thoroughly researched, no matter how divinely inspired or no matter how pure and holy the original teacher, is carried on the imperfect vehicle of human words and is subject to a wide variety of interpretation.  

Real spiritual growth is an individual activity and is accomplished by each individual human soul.  And just so, each thought that is contained within each teaching or propounded by a teacher must stand or fall on its own merit as determined by the individual explorer of ideas.  Any appeal to authority per se, now matter how lofty or true that authority, must fall short of the goal actual of enlightenment because it is only through consideration and assimilation of ideas by the individual mind and heart of the seeker that real illumination can take place.

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